Exhibitors & Sponsors

Our conference sponsors and exhibitors are organisations with values that align with our conference host, RCS: we all strive to empower food and fibre producers to profitably regenerate land, lives and spirit through provision of unique and industry-leading goods and services.

These incredible organisations and businesses help make our conference a powerful and life-changing event.

Make sure you visit our sponsors and exhibitors across the weekend to say hello and find out how they can help you.

Gold sponsor

At the KLR School we teach simple, powerful and proven livestock sell/buy strategies, that have been developed to maximise your cash flow while minimising the market risk. Make a profit and have cashflow throughout the whole market cycle!

Our school provides you with the tools, knowledge and expertise to profit from your livestock no matter what the market direction is.

The KLR school is applicable to every livestock producer, cattle breeder, sheep breeder and backgrounders of those livestock.

The KLR formulae gives you the decision-making framework to put you in control of your Grass, Money and Livestock.

Silver sponsors

NutriSoil Pty Ltd exists to empower farmers to grow life-enriching foods. NutriSoil biological solution is a concentrated, broad spectrum liquid plant food produced from a unique Vermiculture (worm) Recycling System. It contains a full range of 100% plant available nutrients, rich in natural soil organisms. NutriSoil enhances the natural growing mechanisms of the plant and soil through increasing photosynthesis, feeding microbial communities and growing larger root systems.

MaiaGrazing is an easy to use, online grazing management tool that helps graziers and farmers maximise their pastures and profits in the good times and reduce risks when it’s tough.

AgSolutions Australia is an Australian-owned family company providing solutions and products for soil regeneration and livestock nutrition.  Work with one of AgSolutions’ qualified Field Advisors to develop, implement and monitor a soil and livestock management program designed specifically for your soil, crop and livestock needs.  We service farmers and manufacture products for Australian Organic, USDA NOP Organic and conventional farming markets.

Carbon Link supports farmers to earn income by improving their soil. We are the leading service provider in the soil carbon farming market, providing end to end advice and services for landholders wishing to undertake soil carbon projects.

Sally Batt was born and bred on the NW Qld downs country. Whether she is doing a photo shoot in inner city Melbourne or capturing an outback wedding in Central Queensland, her boots are firmly planted in the dust she still calls home.
Sally Batt Photography specialises in emotive, visually arresting imagery of outback Australian life, bridging the gap between city and country lifestyles.

Bronze sponsors

Become an exhibitor or sponsor

If you feel your business is a good fit for this event and would like to discuss sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, please contact Kerrie Sagnol on 07 4393 5255 or ksagnol@rcsaustralia.com.au

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